Tarot Card Station

18" x 20" x 18"

I designed this specifically for the monthly Wonderground Magic Show at The Olive Mediterranean Grille in Las Vegas. It is a totally awesome show run by magician extraordinaire Jeff McBride and put on every third Thursday of each month. For ten bucks ($20 if you live out-of-state) you get a 3+ hour extravaganza of incredible magic (both onstage and close-up), entertainment and the Middle Eastern food is reasonably priced and excellent. It's been going on since 2008 and I highly recommend it if you are in town. As part of the show they have tarot readings and I thought they could use a nice banner and some tables in case the reader wanted to stand up. I usually bring this and the Staffs of Shiva every month to add to the decor. I made the sign out of stuff from the Michael's store, and the curtain is from a thrift store. The main table is an inverted copper bin mounted on a bird bath base. The side tables are a travelling chess board mounted on large wooden candle sticks and flower pots. The flower pots can be removed to make the tables shorter, if needed.

Tarot Card Table Station Pic 1
Tarot Card Table Station Pic 2
Tarot Card Table Station Pic 3
Tarot Card Table Station Pic 4
Tarot Card Table Station Pic 5