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SongMaven Online Songwriting Software Demo:

SongMaven Preview

A free online service that offers songwriters and musicians to write out, view and share sheet music (lyrics and chords) of their original songs. Learn more about it on the about SongMaven page.

For an actual working demo, log in with:

Password: demo

Instructions: After logging in, select a song on the list (for example "Eons Away"). The song will load. Then you can change any chord by selecting it, or add a new chord by click a gray dot. You can also change lyrics and each measure's time signature if needed by clicking the blank music staff. Detailed instructions are available on the SongMaven Instructions page.

Site is based on PHP, Javascript, JQuery and MySQL, and uses Facebook tokens for signup identification.

The ChordSounder:

ChordSounder Preview

Javascript/JQuery-based webpage that allows the user to instantly hear any of over 40,000 different musical chords, with 70 different kinds of chords and control over bass notes.

1. Select a Root Note
2. Select a Chord Type
3. Press "Play Chord" - you will hear the sound of that particular chord.
Optional: Change the bass note to any note you'd like.

Interactive Jazz Guitar Chord Chart:

Interactive Jazz Guitar Chord Chart Preview

A simple chart that lets you view different guitar chord groups.

Instructions: Click the bold headings at the top of the chart to show related chords.

Interactive Guitar Scale Chart:

Interactive Guitar Scale Chart Preview

A simple chart that lets the user define different chords, scales and modes on guitar. You can customize notes as well.

Instructions: Use the dropdown menus on the left column to select a scale and its key. Or use the middle column to customize your own scale, and you can select its root with the "Root Note" dropdown. Grace notes are available on the right column. To clear the notes, select the "Clear All" button at the bottom of the page.