I grew up on the east coast and earned a B.A. from Berklee College of Music in Boston, with a major in film scoring. I wrote music and did sound for several student and independent films using a computer-based home recording studio. Eventually my interests turned to expanding my skill set to include working images, webpages and animation.

I found that the people I worked for seldom needed just one thing done - pretty much any project has many faces and aspects attached to it in order to get it "out there" so people can see it.

I moved from Boston to San Jose where I worked for various tech startups, then moved to Los Angeles for several years and worked freelance on many entertainment and technology-based projects. In 2014 I moved to Las Vegas and now work freelance for a variety of clients in several mediums.

I build 'steampunk' style sculptures and display several pieces in local art galleries. I'm also active in the local drum circle community and venture out to play guitar or sitar (an Indian stringed instrument) whenever I get the chance.